Native And Webview Checkout

Step 1

From the top menu click on the settings icon, choose from the drop-down menu “Content settings”

Step 2

scroll down until you reach “Webview Checkout” From here click disable to select the Native checkout flow or enable it to stay as a “Webview”

Step 3

For the native checkout flow to work properly, you need to activate the shipping zones from your WooCommerce

From your WP admin area, go to WooCommerce and select settings

Step 4

From Settings select Shipping and Add the shipping zone that you want

Step 5

Then go to Shipping options and choose “Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page”, then click on Save changes

Step 6

You need to generate a new version in order for the checkout to work

Follow this guide in order to learn how to generate a new version Android guide here iOS guide here

Step 7

This will be the final form for the Native checkout page on the mobile app

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