Apple Build Guide

Step 1

Create New App

Step 2

Add all the required data and get Bundle ID by pressing Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

Step 3

Click on All Identifiers

Step 4

Click on Continue Then choose App IDs and press Continue

Step 5

Add Description and Bundle ID (which is the package name in the general settings through the builder)

Step 6

Scroll down and select Push Notifications then press Register once again

Step 7

Now back to First Step and Create New App from here: Add all the required data and Select your Bundle ID From drop-down Menu

Step 8

Copy the Application Name, Bundle ID “Package Name”, and SKU from the General Settings in the builder

Step 9

back to the builder,

Step 10

fill each field from the link below

Step 11

You can get The App Specific Pass Via the following steps 1- Sign in to your Apple ID account page. 2- In the Security section, click Generate Password below App-Specific Passwords. 3- Follow the steps on your screen.

after all press the update button.

Step 12

open the iOS build page, type a version number, and press the generate app button

Step 13

back to your developer account, in the TestFlight section, you will find the build you generated

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