to activate the feature you must install a plugin that is greater than 4.5.9 and then build a new version for the application

if you want to know how please follow this guide

Step 1

Click on analytics icon

Step 2

From the Page Stats, you see all the pages your users visited on your application

Step 3

you can also filter by date to check the results of a specific period

Step 4

And you can also filter by email to check a users data or by page/product to see the performance

Step 5

From the Orders, you will be able to know all the orders on the application, and not only that, but you can also know the details of each order, for example, the date of the order, the status of the order, the order price, or the order link.

Step 6

You can also select a specific order within a certain date range to see the on-hold order details for example

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