Facebook Login

Note: First you need to publish your application on Play-store before activating Facebook login

Step 1

Go to Facebook Developers Website and select “My Apps” after you have logged in.

Step 2

Click on Create App

Step 3

Select an app type then press Next

Step 4

Add your app details then press Create App

Step 5

Click Set up on Facebook Login

Step 6

Click on Android Icon to configure it

Step 7

Click on the settings tab then select Basic And Add your Privacy Policy URL, and your domain name to App Domain field, also choose your category and press save button once you finished

Step 8

Got to the header on the left and press the switch to activate your App

Step 9

Scroll down and press to Add Platform button

Step 10

Choose Android then press Next

Step 11

Select Android Store then press Next

Step 12

You’ll need the Google Play Package Name, Class Name and the Key Hash ID

Step 13

You can find the Package Name at general settings

Step 14

You can find The Key Hash ID at application settings. Please note, you must generate an android application to able to find a Key Hash ID to use

Step 15

Copy and Paste both the package name & Key Hash ID back to Facebook. Press the Log in-app events automatically to activate it then save changes

Step 16

After pressing Save changes, you will find that Class Name has been added and If it is not added automatically, you can add it manually via the add method Package Names. MainActivity For Example com.stacks.www.MainActivity As shown in this image

Step 17

In your Facebook developer account, head to the settings tab then select Basic the copy your App ID

Step 18

Go Back to your Builder and then press Application Settings and scroll down to Facebook App ID section, paste the Facebook App ID and write your App name then press the Update button to save your changes

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