Add Product

Step 1

From the side menu choose e-commerce, then product

Step 2

First, on the upper middle side of the page, you will find the “add new product” button

Step 3

here you can write all the product details (product name, product description, stock, product category, sale price, regular price, and SKU)

Step 4

Down the page, you can attach all your product images

Step 5

The next section is the attribute thing, in the left corner, mention below all your attribute names, for example, size, color, material, etc…

Then, on the right side mention all the product attribute details for example if you add color then on the right side add red, blue, green… (please type it the same as written - blue, green, red, yellow - )

and so on…

Step 6

Finally the variation section, add all the variation price ranges starting from the minimum price to the max price to the minimum sale and the max sale

Step 7

In the last part regarding the variation section, you can add each attribute with a specific regular price, sale price, image, SKU, and variation stock.

Step 8

In the last step, press “Publish” so you can save and publish your product to the mobile application

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