Download Test App

Now you have designed and created your app, here is how to download it and add it to your mobile phone

Step 1

Click on the Generate app button from the side menu.

Step 2

Choose a device from the drop-down menu you would like to build for (iOS or Android)

Step 3

you can build either Android or iOS versions Choosing an Android will let you enter your app version then press on Generate App button

Step 4

Then, you will need to wait from 1 to 2 minutes for your app to be ready. Once it’s ready, you can download the APK file by using the button (Download Android App) or by scanning the QR code from your phone to preview your app on your device.


if you want to publish your application on Google Play or upload a new version, you need to generate an AAB file

Step 5

If you’re building for iOS there will be an extra step where you need to enter your App Store Connect account details

Step 6

fill those fields and don't forget to press update

Step 7

back to the iOS build page, enter your app version then press enter or generate app button from the upper right header

Step 8

open your App Store Connect account, choose the app then select TestFlight and you will find the app version so you can download it (after connecting your iCloud account with your App Store Connect account)

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