Step 1

Click on the Globals icon from the side menu

Step 2

Hover over the header and click on the edit icon

Step 3

From The Data Tab, you can choose to upload an image to the header

Step 4

If you would like to change the color of the header instead of placing an image, use the switch icon represented in the following image and change the Background of the Header

Step 5

From the Style tab, you can control all the icon's colors, search expanded, and if you need the Header to be sticky

Step 6

Also from the Style tab, You can choose and change the icons from the following link https://fonts.google.com/icons Just copy the name of the icon and add it to the corresponding field.

Step 7

you can also enable and disable any icon from the header

Step 8

and don't forget to press save globals

Step 9

Then back to the view that you want to enable the global header in, tap edit, and switch to activate.

Step 10

then update button

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